Monday, September 5, 2011

Best Day Ever!

This summer has flown by. I have been to the desert, the cool rain of Washington, on my bike, AND in the WATER.

I have missed the water.  I have missed swimming, and decided in May that I would endeavor on a swim event to get back into it.  This 4 mile swim event, well it is not just an "event" it was a journey, an adventure, and such a gift.  The best way to share is with a video of one of our training days (I am the one in the blue swim cap) and a video of the swim (my first attempt at making a video). 

On Friday, what would have been Colin Holst's 8th birthday, I swam 4 miles in Lake Austin from the Pennebaker (360) bridge to Hula Hut.  It was incredible!  We were painted with our generous donor logos on Thursday evening (thank you: Drymax and NOW Foods), and painted with the Got2Swim logo (I got a bonus Dory on my back)...such a cool way to represent.  I am honored to be part of representing water safety and drowning prevention programs and will take all I learned and share with as many as will listen!

So much more to share on the summer, which I will with pics, but these two videos are the best way to summarize the "Best Day Ever."