Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Dream

The bags are packed, the plan is set, and the prayers are never-ending.

Here is the dream:
- training hard
- staying healthy
- staying positive, as often as possible
- spending my last few days of taper getting positive vibes from those closest to me
- envisioning that run around the track at Placer High School on Sunday!!

In my dreams, I couldn't have asked for more in my days of taper...
- ran with friends (Friday runs have been the BEST, and Karen thanks for having my same schedule and enduring whichever route I pick!!)
- Daisy had her first post-surgery long last trail run before the race. She ran 7 miles effortlessly and healthy!!
- ran with Daisy, her boyfriends, and one of my closest friend's Luisa!!
- surprised my dad and took a trip home for Father's Day... and got to spend time with my 93-yr-old grandfather. He is enough to inspire me to the finish-line!
- went to see Catherine, her new house, and her super adorable son....he was seriously entertaining
- had my favorite meals at my favorite restaurants in both Houston and Austin
- took a road-trip with Paul to Houston and enjoyed having him spend time riding with friends

and as if that wasn't enough...
- have shared the most wonderful email conversations with friends that have only been so supportive to me during this journey.
- and have received the most incredible inspiring notes from friends...I have them all packed!!

Having such a rich and FULL week of joy, love, friendship, health, and fulfillment will just make Saturday/Sunday that much more powerful. I will share my journey with each of the people who make my life richer everyday. To everyone who goes out of their way to be a positive light in my life: you will run with me; you will send me power; you will feel what I feel; and you will be part of my dream.

Off I dream!

So, in all of the irony of the power of my wonderful husband...on 6/23/06 he have me a card that sits on my desk that reads:
If you can DREAM it, You can do it!
He wrote inside:
"You've Dreamed it. Now Go and Do It!!"

As I was finishing this post, I looked over and saw the card...amazing!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's Official...I'm Tapering!!

WOOHOO!!! Although I find the tapering to be the most stressful part of this journey, it means all of the work is done. Now is the time to let my body soak in all of the hard work and prepare for the final journey.

And hard work I have done in this final push:

-A wonderful trip to California where I covered 80 miles in 3 days:
10 easy on the roads on Thursday
50 on Friday from Robinson Flat to the River
20 on Saturday from Green Gate

And then the finale....
15 on Friday with Paul running with me to keep me upbeat in light of Daisy being sick
8 on Saturday with friends (7 with Clea) and then running back on the trail to ncourage the Rogue group as they were finishing up
- And just when I thought I would start to back down, the heat came and so I took advantage of my schedule to truly heat train:
27 on Sunday: 3 miles pre-race; 30K at moderate pace on rocky trails 2:59 including a stop at the aid station to cut the bottom off of my Odysseys were shot and the bottom ripped mid-race; and an extra 10K to make myself work in the heat. Did I mention that Paul won the race, of course, after biking 130 miles the day before????

Hill Repeats on Ladera Norte (9 miles total) 88 degrees with a slight breeze
5 miles easy in the humidity
6 miles tempo on the trail at noon in 90 degrees and 90% humidity

15 mile trail with Steph 85 degrees and 100% humidity...killer run with spider webs. horse-flies, and soaked to the core

13 miles from my house (north Austin) to Downtown in 88 degrees and 100% humidity...again, slightly brutal because of the humidity but getting a bit better. I did stop to get ice for my camelback, though.

Did I mention the hours of biking in the house, with the air off?? I LOVE my Power-Cranks...think, one-legged drills on the bike non-stop. Although, it only gets to about 83 in the room I bike in.

Needless to say, the work is done and it is time to back down!! I will continue to heat train, but mostly while doing my reduced load workouts. I do have an "up" hill workout this week that should be pretty darn hard in the heat, but it will help me feel ready when the temps rise in the canyons.

I remain in a bit of fog, that will start to clear in the coming days. It is then that I will be able to take a moment and truly reflect on all of the positives that have come from the training this year. I do know for sure that I am so blessed to have made it through so happy and healthy. I have not put a strain on any of the relationships in my life in order to pursue this very selfish fact I have gone out of my way to let all of the relationships in my life grow and shine in the moments I needed them most.

As always, I could not have made this journey without those that are closest to me and have stood by me every step of the way. I will share every step I take in 15 days with them!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Home and Recovering!!

Wouldn't you do anything for that sad face, too?? She can knock you out with her looks: "could you be quiet I am stalking a squirrel; I am sooo happy to see you; and my latest favorite...I really feel better, but you will give me so mich more sympathy if I give you these sad eyes!!"
On Friday morning, I got really great bad news. Daisy had a hug 10cm tumor in her spleen and it had torn and hemorraged. Why great news? Because surgery could remove the tumor and spleen, she could be cleaned up, and back to normal. Not an hour after surgery was she up and ready for a walk. It was great to see!! I picked her up yesterday, and have been enjoying her at my side since. She has needed her rest, but is happy to get outside, eat her normal food, and spend time with Paul and I.
The pathology results come back by Friday, but it doesn't really matter what they say. She will be able to take an easy run by Friday morning, and then when the staples are out she will be ready to go full force. I will get to enjoy her for however much longer I can.
Now that I have a better appreciation for the fact that she will not be with me forever, I will spend each day with her, each run, each moment as though it will be the last. I will enjoy watching her swim in the creek during a run instead of being in a hurry to move on. I will invite her into bed more...just for a few moments to cuddle. And, I will know that when the time comes, I will be better equipped to deal with reality. Life does come to an end, and we can only truly control what we do everyday and not what we should have done!
Another piece that has come from Daisy getting sick is the unbelievable support I have received from friends. At times it has just left me speechless, and has given me such a lift. I could not have been strong for her if it wasn't for me feeling just so loved and supported. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!