Sunday, June 3, 2007

Home and Recovering!!

Wouldn't you do anything for that sad face, too?? She can knock you out with her looks: "could you be quiet I am stalking a squirrel; I am sooo happy to see you; and my latest favorite...I really feel better, but you will give me so mich more sympathy if I give you these sad eyes!!"
On Friday morning, I got really great bad news. Daisy had a hug 10cm tumor in her spleen and it had torn and hemorraged. Why great news? Because surgery could remove the tumor and spleen, she could be cleaned up, and back to normal. Not an hour after surgery was she up and ready for a walk. It was great to see!! I picked her up yesterday, and have been enjoying her at my side since. She has needed her rest, but is happy to get outside, eat her normal food, and spend time with Paul and I.
The pathology results come back by Friday, but it doesn't really matter what they say. She will be able to take an easy run by Friday morning, and then when the staples are out she will be ready to go full force. I will get to enjoy her for however much longer I can.
Now that I have a better appreciation for the fact that she will not be with me forever, I will spend each day with her, each run, each moment as though it will be the last. I will enjoy watching her swim in the creek during a run instead of being in a hurry to move on. I will invite her into bed more...just for a few moments to cuddle. And, I will know that when the time comes, I will be better equipped to deal with reality. Life does come to an end, and we can only truly control what we do everyday and not what we should have done!
Another piece that has come from Daisy getting sick is the unbelievable support I have received from friends. At times it has just left me speechless, and has given me such a lift. I could not have been strong for her if it wasn't for me feeling just so loved and supported. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Larry said...

Very glad to see Daisy is recovering well. All the best!

clea said...

very glad Daisy is ok. I hope she is enjoying her 3 trreat medicine ritual. I think Pancake actually missed getting her antibiotics in peanut butter. I wonder if people read out blogs and say "You can tell they don't have kids." Sorry, to me pets are family!

Mich said...

Michael & I are happy to hear Daisy is doing well.

a.k.a.Moogy said...

My dog is a lunatic when it comes to meds (he has to occasioanlly take them for an anal sac infection). At first I just put them in his dry food and he can eat every little nugget of food and leave two itty pills. Then I tried in a hot dog piece but he can eat around the pills. He usually LOVES peanut butter but somehow knew they were in there and would just spit it out. So I got these little *beef* pill pockets from the vet and they seem to work. BUT...he knew the sound of opening the pill bottle and would run away like the wind. Nutso...

olga said...

Aw, poor thing, looks sad:( Hope nothing hurts by now.
Mer, did you go to WS camp? How are you feeling tapering? Anxious yet? Have fun resting, gilr, the hay is in the barn!!