Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Dream

The bags are packed, the plan is set, and the prayers are never-ending.

Here is the dream:
- training hard
- staying healthy
- staying positive, as often as possible
- spending my last few days of taper getting positive vibes from those closest to me
- envisioning that run around the track at Placer High School on Sunday!!

In my dreams, I couldn't have asked for more in my days of taper...
- ran with friends (Friday runs have been the BEST, and Karen thanks for having my same schedule and enduring whichever route I pick!!)
- Daisy had her first post-surgery long last trail run before the race. She ran 7 miles effortlessly and healthy!!
- ran with Daisy, her boyfriends, and one of my closest friend's Luisa!!
- surprised my dad and took a trip home for Father's Day... and got to spend time with my 93-yr-old grandfather. He is enough to inspire me to the finish-line!
- went to see Catherine, her new house, and her super adorable son....he was seriously entertaining
- had my favorite meals at my favorite restaurants in both Houston and Austin
- took a road-trip with Paul to Houston and enjoyed having him spend time riding with friends

and as if that wasn't enough...
- have shared the most wonderful email conversations with friends that have only been so supportive to me during this journey.
- and have received the most incredible inspiring notes from friends...I have them all packed!!

Having such a rich and FULL week of joy, love, friendship, health, and fulfillment will just make Saturday/Sunday that much more powerful. I will share my journey with each of the people who make my life richer everyday. To everyone who goes out of their way to be a positive light in my life: you will run with me; you will send me power; you will feel what I feel; and you will be part of my dream.

Off I dream!

So, in all of the irony of the power of my wonderful husband...on 6/23/06 he have me a card that sits on my desk that reads:
If you can DREAM it, You can do it!
He wrote inside:
"You've Dreamed it. Now Go and Do It!!"

As I was finishing this post, I looked over and saw the card...amazing!


olga said...

Mer, dreams DO come true! Believe in it! Work for it! Enjoy it as it turns your way! Looking forward to your triumph return!

MikeW said...

I wish you the best of dreams and am sending you all my positive thoughts for your race!

Can't wait to hear all about it!

brownie said...

Good luck this weekend, M!!!

olga said...

Hey, Mer, sorry...will we hear what happened? Hope you're feeling well...