Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I miss my husband. He has been in Chile since Friday, and will be there until Sunday. This is the longest we have been apart since we were married. I know many people who have husbands who travel for work, and so I am very lucky to have him around most of the time. Thank goodness for calling cards, as he has called me at least one a day everyday since he has been gone...he misses me too :(
I am very thankful for my friends who have made a special effort to make sure I am not totally alone this week:

- runs at the Greenbelt (with a special guest joining in!!)
- lots of errand running
- lots of doggie time (mine are still recovering from yesterday's adventure)
- chatting with me on the phone
- and a yummy meal

I am so looking forward to having an awesome travel adventure with the girls this weekend!! It will ease the pain of heading to Bandera for the first time in 4 years minus Paul. This is normally the one race I know he enjoys. I'll be thinking of my wonderful husband as I am running!!

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Kelly said...

Meredith...great to see you out at 3M yesterday, I didn't recognize you @ first! And these pics of you and Paul are so cute, too. Did you get our save the date? What a riot...a funny postcard indeed...I hope you are well! Let's hang out soon...