Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to High School

I have been posting such deep thoughts lately I thought this would be a fun one!

Yesterday I was given the honor to "teach" high school. I use that loosely because basically I got to go in a talk about what I do, and how to eat healthy. So arrive at Bowie High School yesterday realizing that I look younger than many of the students, so much so that the lady when I was trying to check in asked me if I was the student or the presenter...doesn't she have a good pulse of the student body??

There was even a mother waiting for her child who asked, "what are you teaching?"

I enter the classroom, and away I went. Actually let me back up a moment and tell you that I was told before entering the class that a few girls might sleep through my lecture. To which I replied, "noone is sleeping through my class." On that note, I start the class by saying, "in case anyone falls asleep, they will be doing laps around the classroom or a sprint up and down the stairs." That got good laugh #1, although I actually meant it...

Things I realized yesterday:
- I actually think I am cooler now then when I was in high school, or at least I am more interesting :)
- Seniors in high school are actually interested in learning, if the topic is worthwhile to them. Favorite questions and quotes (and no I didn't make these up)
  • "I have a question. My mom and grandma have really big boobs. Is there anything I can do to make mine smaller? My aunt's hang down to her knees."
  • My question: What foods to you eat for snacks? One response, "ants. Don't you know what ants are?" I said, no. response: "celery, peanut butter, with raisins on top." Good snack!
  • Me asking about portions to a girl who eats goldfish for snack. Do you know how many goldfish are in a serving? "No. I eat the 100 calorie pack." To which I reply, What will happen when you go to college and can't afford the 100 calorie packs? The room starts to laugh...
  • One of my favorites: "Is it true that fat people who eat alot of fat start to smell bad? Is that how the fat tries to leave their body?"

I loved my moment leading a class, and although the topics went in directions I never thought they would, it was so much fun. Do I want to be a teacher, heck no! The best part about yesterday was that I got to talk about my topic in the way I wanted to. I got to teach the kids in a way that would actually interest them and make sense to them, instead of the structure that poor teachers have to follow.

And, by the way, noone fell asleep!!

Have a great weekend!



MikeW said...

good stuff!
Did no one mention Cheetos?

Priscilla said...

Hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!!

kirsten said...

What about cupcakes? Great blog..gave me a good laugh.