Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a Treat!

I wish everyday could be celebrated in such a way:

- an afternoon trail run, with Flyer, sunny and 75 degrees. Felt so good that I added in an extra hill climb for good measure. The wind literally had the trees singing to me.
- a great day of work. I love highly productive days that can start at 5, and go solid until 10.
- a fantastic salad with roasted beets...root vegetables are the best. (JT give them a try!!)

- AND, finally, CAKE BALLS! Holy Moly did I create some red velvet seriousness. Red Velvet cake, combined with cream cheese frosting to create a ball of cake. (Erin and Mike - I think I put my own cupcakes to shame) Then, if that weren't enough, covered with white chocolate. Almost too pretty to eat, but just almost. What an explosion of happiness in my mouth :)

Off to bed, so that I can wake up and share the balls at the track in the AM...800s and cake balls, should be interesting.

What a wonderful spring day!


erin said...

What time do you want Mike and me to come taste test for you, Mer? ;)

Jan said...

Are you bringing some to swimming tomorrow? Pretty please!

meredith said...

Come on over anytime! Actually next week I am hoping to have time to experiment with some other flavors.

brownie said...

Yeah, I'll get back to you on the beets...

Barr Camp only has vegeterian stuff, FYI. But don't worry, I'll hump some junk food and booze up there!

Amy said...

Hooray for cake balls!

clea said...

I will need to try Cakeballs at some point...I read they are the new "cupcakes". Those looks great...but very rich! Hope to see you at the meeting Tuesday night. I am actually going.