Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekends with the T's

This past weekend was a great one, and reminded me just how much I love the weekends.

Friday afternoon has become one of my favorite times of the week. Every week at about 4pm Paul arrives home. It is a most festive time in the house. Flyer goes crazy, and life is good as the family is whole once again. I'll admit that having him gone all week is not easy: I don't sleep as well without him, my desire to make anything more than steamed vegetables or salad isn't high, and the house just seems to get a little too quiet at times. But, I know people have it much worse so I try not be to grumbly about it all.

Once the dust settles, and Paul unloads, we go about the tasks of prepping for Saturday. Paul gets his bike ready and I get my bottles ready for a run. Saturday morning always comes early, but with a good buzz in the air. This weekend I headed downtown to get my group started on their road run, and then had the treat of meeting Melissa for my taper run. I dropped my car, and we headed out, so that I could get two hours point-to-point, and she could make a 4 hour loop. Time flew by and we had a blast. I, then, went home and worked the rest of the day. Paul came home after his 75 or 80 mile ride and run, and was happy to have an early dinner.

We then prepped for a Sunday "family" trail run. The past few weekends Paul, Flyer, and I have enjoyed a trail run together on Sunday. Yes, we have the treat of having friends join us, but it is just nice to have this run that we do together. It was a great crowd on Sunday morning: Mel and Mike, Jeremy, and Beth. Flyer, of course, led the way...although Melissa gave him a run for his money down HOL. We ran a great mix of my trails and Melissa's trails, and Jeremy got a solid taste of trailrunning. It was also great to see Mike and meet John on the trail as they were taking a post-Boston tour. Thanks Mike for helping Beth!! Here was Jeremy's take on the Sunday trail run:

"Let's just say family Sundays with the T's is no walk in the park. They are a family of frick'n mountain goats. It took everything I had to bump around that trail without wiping out and they barely broke a sweat. I was honored that I got to hang with the elite trail runners of Austin and even more happy they slowed down and didn't drop me."

After the run, Paul, Melissa, Mike, and I went to breakfast. We have some great laughs together, and I am so thrilled that Mike joined in for the Sunday fun.

As with all of our weekends for the past months, the fun ends with much scrambling as I cook Paul's meals for the week, he packs, and we prep for his departure. Well, slight deviation to packing was Paul's building of a new training contraption for me(more on this to come once I recover from Miwok).

While our time is too short every week, this weekend really was a wonderful highlight of how great our life is. Paul and I get the most of all of our time together with both eachother and our friends. I am very thankful for their support, and all the happiness they bring to us/me.

Have a great week!


john said...

Hey Meredith,

I am the John who was running with Mike on the greenbelt Sunday when we ran into you. I train with Mike at Rogue and would like to schedule some time with you to review my current nutrition.

Can you drop me a note when you have a chance at peckjr@yahoo.com?

Look forward to talking with you.


olga said...

Did I miss the boat - where is Paul during a week? Was it always like that? Nice pictures!