Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Inner Roadrunner

Today I was a true road runner! Dropped my car off at Barton Springs, and hooked a ride with the guys to the Arboretum. From there our fearless leader, Steve, gave the instruction: 8 miles EZ, 10 mile MGP, rest cooldown (we were going 24 total).

Let me back up. I do actually run roads quite frequently: hills, tempo, is just easier to find company and speed that way. But, the last time I endeavored on my long run on the road (over 10-15 miles) was Austin Marathon last Feb. where I paced. But it worked in my schedule, the other guys were in Bandera, and I wanted to be done early to go enjoy Swedish Waffles!

I will be the first to admit I have no idea what my current road pace is. I have been known recently, and apparently am getting quite the reputation, for taking an easy run to a 7:05 pace...thanks for all the grief! But I figured if I hung with the crowd for warm-up, stayed with Bruce (7:15 or a little faster) for MGP, and then home free I would be fine. This would give me a solid run without any fatigue going into Headlands.

Well, what a treat this run was! I spent most of the early part, and until she had to get to work, with Asia (sp?) one of the UT Cross-Country girls. We had a great time visiting! I spent some time just listening to the guys and their banter. And, I spent some time letting Bruce and Jason (yes, Mike, Jason was not pulling the crowd!!) keep me in check pre-MGP. The miles (even the bonus wrong turn +1mile) flew by. Then it was time to pick it up. It's so weird, and I was telling Nedra later, that I was a little nervous picking it up. I run too fast all the time, but I didn't know if I could hold the pace for 10 miles and on the hills.

Well, actually Bruce and I did pretty darn well, and Charles TOTALLY rallied after an early show stopper! Here's what Bruce had to say about our pace splits: "Actually I think those are pretty good considering the terrain, especially the last four miles. I know mile four was 7:14 so if I factor that in our overall pace was 7:12 on a course designed to slap us around a bit. It was expected that many people wouldn't be able to keep pace for ten miles."

I can't believe I am typing this, but I think some of my inner roadrunner is back :) Probably most of it is because I don't do long runs on the road very often, and the company is fantastic, but I think I might do that again...and maybe soon!! Thanks for letting me play with the black short boys!!

Next stop, Trattoria Lisina and a wonderful anniversary evening! 5years!

Oh, and by the way, Swedish Waffles (crunchy) are the best!


Sadie J said...

Happy anniversary to you and Paul! It was nice to see you this morning :).

MikeWinAustin said...

I'm so jealous... I didn't get to run hills.
But I think I talked Sisson into doing the Run From Hell in a few weeks, so I'm DEFINITELY going to run that one!

Me like Svenska VĂ„fflor. MMMMM!

Daniel said...

I heard a funny quote yesterday: Go to heaven for the weather, go to hell for the company.
Does that work for trails and road, then?

Larry said...

I did a 7:30 pace hill road run last week and thought I was going to die. And, to think there's a lot of long road runs and track work that I need to do before the end of September at a much faster pace. *Sigh*... Maybe, I can just hitch a wagon to you on your runs and ride along. ;) Happy taper!

meredith said...

thanks Sadie - so good to see you! what were you serving up this morning post-run?

Mike - hopefully I am around for the run from hell. And hopefully Larry won't be fully back so I have a chance for company :)

Larry -road runs and track work...welcome back to the fun! All I do is chase the boys, so come on out!

MikeWinAustin said...

mer, on her blog...

i'll find out about the date!

Leah said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Hank Dart said...

Dang, Mer. Glad you weren't running those splits at C2M, we'd never have crossed paths!