Sunday, January 31, 2010


It is so funny. I started this post yesterday and now it is so very changed and more meaningful!

Here is where it started:
This morning at yoga we were tasked to set our class intention on relationships. Then we went on to spend much of the next 90 minutes doing partner work. It was the perfect Sunday class. I partnered with my friend Clea who is 9 months pregnant. It was a blast pushing, stretching, and mirroring each other. We found a good rhythm and enjoyed it. Great treat! If you read my other blog you will see that she obviously didn't have her baby on Thursday...maybe at the end of this coming week.

It has be
en absolutely amazing to watch her be pregnant and stay so very active and healthy throughout. It was awesome to partner with her today and see what her body was able to do.

Today's addition - last night I got a text while Paul and I were out that Clea had in fact been in labor during yoga class, and the rest of the day, and was at the hospital! Jasper was born this morning!! Welcome healthy boy, and what a blessing for Clea and Mike. I can't wait to meet him :) So let's take it a step further with how very impressed I am given the yoga class we did, AND she was in labor! I have the most incredible friends.

This pic is Clea starting the Vermont 100-miler. Given seeing her both at the finish of this and yesterday, I aim to say forever that Jasper's arrival was not only easier but will FOREVER be more rewarding!! I can't wait to share 3:50 at Austin with you in 2011 :)

Back to yesterday's post -
Over the past few months I have come to learn that creating complete happiness in your relationships takes work. It is not something that is handed to you like a gift. It is like a seed, and must be planted and cared for in order to grow and remain healthy.

I am absolutely thrilled that I have been given the chance over and over since November to see what wonderful growth my relationships have been able to have.

Paul and I are in the most incredible place. Every moment, laugh, touch, and conversation is renewed and is filled with such peace. I am so very lucky. I told someone the other day that I am so very lucky to be married to such a good man who doesn't hold onto negativity and posesses the true sense of forgiveness: the ability, in truth, to let go of something and move on. I will continue to cultivate and make our relationship blossom into all it is and can be. What a blessing!!

With all of my friends I am so very fortunate to have been given the chance to have deep and hard conversations with them, and have created better and stronger bonds than were ever there before. What a gift! I have always loved and appreciated the friendships I have, but over the past few months they have proven to be the roots keeping me grounded and helping me not fall.

Although there are a few more weeks of Texas cold, it is almost time to plant seeds for spring flowers, herbs, and vegetables. May we, too, continue to plant our seeds...reap what we may sow...feed and water those relationships we value and cherish...and watch them bloom into beauty and plenty.

May each of us continue to move forward and be so blessed in all that we have an all that we can be grateful for!


Devon said...

I completely agree. I often make the analogy that relationships are like gardens that need to be tended to and worked at. It is amazing when we do the good (and pleasurable) work that the result is the relationship blossoming into something beautiful. I am happy to hear you are enjoying the fruits of your labor.

meredith said...

Thank you so much! I hope you are so well, and very much appreciate your thoughts. Ahhh, lifes' lessons, and learning to cultivate the most important relationships.

Looking forward to seeing you in California this spring!

clea said...

Thanks so much for all your help through this process and your support. I feel it brought us closer together as friends. I know how much you understood how hard knocking my running back for a year has been...but how rewarding. Thanks for the kind words. I still kinda feel like an idiot I went through yoga telling myself "those cramps don't mean anything...."

We are going home tomorrow morning. We'll be ready!

PTerranova said...

You're the BEST babe, I love you!