Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

I can't think of more wonderful way to spend a Valentine's Day, then what we had!

Paul and I woke up bright and early to a beautiful Austin day. We headed downtown to go play at the marathon. He was the pace leader for the 3 hour group and I was for the 3:50 group. I call mine, "party at 3:50." And a party it was. Danny and I lead approx 30 runners through about mile 22 and then held almost 20 strong to the finish. Nothing like sweaty hugs from "new friends" who met goals, qualified for Boston, ran their first marathons, or just gave it everything they had to the finish.

Paul and I then got home and sat outside with Flyer and enjoyed the incredible afternoon weather.

If that wasn't enough, we went to yoga and Zoe treated us to an incredible class geared toward our post-marathon bodies. She is just awesome!

We finished off the evening with a wonderful meal and great time together.

I get it. There are people who think that receiving material "things" are the best way to spend Valentine's Day. But things last only one day. Yes, Paul got me a wonderful gift for Valentine's day, but it is what he does everyday and all life that we get to share everyday that is more meaningful.

Thank you Paul, friends, and family for making everyday my Valentine's Day! Thank you for giving me so much more value than material items have to offer.

Thank you to my 3:50 group for letting me be part of your day. As I said over and over again..."amazing!" And to so many I know who came out to cheer...you are awesome! You lifted the runners and made me so proud to get to run in such a beautiful place on such a great day! I hope anyone wanting to run a marathon will head to Austin. What a great race!

Pics to come! (Next year I will have my camera on the course)

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