Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I normally don't write a post about a single workout but this one was fantastic! I did a bunch of 2000's this morning and I LOVED them!! Who knew that 5 laps around the track could be so fun?? Was it because each one got faster, and I felt stronger as the miles added up? Could it have been the beautiful full moon, and then the sunrise?

Luisa and I and the pups have loved getting back on the track. She has been doing portions of my workouts with me, and I am so very grateful. We have been running on the track together since 2000. It all started in late October 2000. How fortunate I am to have such a wonderful friend who, for years, has been willing to meet me even if for only part of my workouts and long runs. We have been through so many cycles in our lives, and these runs have been just sacred. We have laughed, cried, smelled like a bar, come off of completely sleepless night's, but we have never regretted a day of showing up!

Maybe that is what I loved about it. When you look at a run or workout on a piece of paper sometimes you think "can I do this" or "how can I do this?" The weekly mileage is big and I love it, but faster workouts long workouts can be scary when you think you might be tired from the load (work, life, and running) the day before. But, then, the full moon is shining, the weather is perfect, the company is the best...and before you know it: you nail the workout, you enjoy the company, and there is not a regret in the world! Oh, and it's barely 7AM!!

Next up, after work...another run in the heat, yippee, and then the Farmer's Market with Erin!
(By the way, this pic was taken of my Ladera training partners, hehe...they cheer from the bluebonnets)

Love it!


erin said...

yay!!! i've been excited all day! :) and love the pic ;)

Anonymous said...

Good mind, good find...................................................

olga said...

I love track workouts as well:) It is a very satisfying feeling after it. Always. Even if it didn't go as planned. There are numbers, and you either make them or not (or exceed). Nothing left to wondering.