Sunday, May 30, 2010


Three Days...LOTS of running; breath-taking trails; incredible company; snow; rain; sunshine; appreciation. Those are just a few of the words to describe my runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I ran my first triple canyon run, and woke up with legs happier to run the next day (after some espresso :) ) A full report to come, but I am just so thankful to have felt strong and healthy all three days and am so appreciative of all of the moments I had over the weekend. I am so very blessed by all the gifts in my life: Paul's support; Suzanna and Kelly for coordinating and including me; such wonderful time to talk; time on my own to run and absorb the beauty that makes the Western States trail what it is; awesome dinner conversation; finishing my run yesterday with Tom and sharing all of our years of history on the trail and the people who have made it special to us. I am so very humbled by the trails I will run again in less than a month, and how far my body has come.
Can't wait to get home and reflect and share with Paul! For now, here are a few pics :)



Anonymous said...

Awesome-glad you had a great trip!

olga said...

I remember participating in my first WS camp before first WS race...flying from NYC training grounds! Granted I hiked quite a few trails on the course just a year prior...stil, left me breathless, susprisingly strong (despite training in aformentioned NYC, thanks to weights) and awaken to what I REALLY have to do to do well there. Like, move to Portland! what I did shortly after:)) Anyhow, Larry and I are looking forward hanging out there soon and watching all of you succeed!!!