Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Follw the Yellow Brick Road...or the trail to Auburn!

I would like to start by sharing part of a note I wrote during my last journey to WS in 2006:

Lessons in TIME

so much of this journey is really a lesson in Time. It is that magic word that not only will determine what metal my buckle will be made out of, but it has also measured much more:

- how long I have spent training
- how many days I have been thankful to recover from a long week
- how many hours I have spent listening to the same "happy" music
- how often that training and recovery came before family and friends, and work
- how the effort to catch up with a distant friend seemed too much, and so I just have let them go and what I will need to give to get them back
- what I have spent with new friends and how these new friends with such a deep understanding in my journey will remain with me for many years to come
- what those who know and love me best have consistantly given to me throughout this journey, continually reminding me that the magic in the sacrifice of time for others is a gift to the recipient...
- what so many have given to me: people I have just met, people who I have yet to meet in person, and those I will meet on the trail at Western States
-and in the end: the 1 hour up to the cemetary, the 45 minutes from the base, the 15 minutes from the creek, the 7 minutes from the manzanitas, and when you see the "Y" tree you are almost to the top

...and more than anything how each of these pieces of this magic word carry me day after day!

In this oh so wonderful, yet selfish endeavor, this word, Time, with so few letters has come to signify so much!

While so much of this journey that brings me to the starting line in Squaw healthy and the happiest I could ask for rings true in the above, so much has changed...I am a different person/wife/friend, and in the end runner, than I was in 2006.

Instead of letting life take a back seat this time around, I have embraced all of my moments whether in person, on the phone, or via email with all of my friends. I have not let work or life slip away so that I could get to the starting line. I have been appreciative of every piece of company and flexibility that has been given to me, and not had expectations of anyone but myself.

Yes, there have been many sacrifices. I do not meet friends for a "lunch" or spend extra time being social. I often run and train on my own, so that I have all the free moments possible with Paul. Paul has made more life sacrifices than I could possible start to list for me/us. Oh, and let's not forget the sugar sacrifice :)

But, in the end, I am more ready than I have ever been and more equipped to dig from the well than ever before. I am armed with more love and support than I have ever known or thought possible. Paul and my dearest friends have empowered me to soar!

I will take you each with me on Saturday. I will think of all you have given to me as I run. I will be lifted by the gifts of your love and support. I will give to you for all that you have given to me!

I will soar on wings like eagles. I will RUN and not grow weary.

I will walk and not be faint!! Isaiah 40:31

I will save my blubbering individual thank you's for when I write my novel of a race report :) This way I can also take the time to share where I was on the course when I had you with me!!

Thank you more than you will ever know!!


Sophie Speidel said...


Thank you for sharing these wonderful words and thoughts. We were on the same trail together in 2006, but had not met yet (not until Masochist in 2007)...I wish for you a *cooler* WS this time around with many wonderful memories of that fabulous trail and an adventure to last a lifetime!

Please be sure to give my training partner and good friend Bill Potts a shout when you pass him :-) He will be wearing a West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners shirt of some kind...and he's bald.

Sending you much energy and best wishes for safe travels!


Steph said...

Good luck! We'll be thinking good thoughts for you on Saturday.

etg said...

Meredith - so excited for this next phase of your wonderful journey! Godspeed this weekend...safe and happy trails :)

clea said...

Looking forward to your race report! Have a great weekend on the trail!!!

Miles said...


Best of luck this weekend. A buddy and I will be in the area this weekend and plan to check out the action firsthand - will be looking for you and cheering you on!


Nancy said...

Mer - Enjoy your race Saturday. I will be thinking of you and sending you good energy. Take care of yourself.

meredith said...

Thank you ALL for such kind thoughts and words!

Sophie - I will be sure and look for and say hi to Bill! I am so excited to share trails with you again!!

I feel so blessed to have so much and so much support!

Jamie Donaldson said...

You are going to ROCK IT Meredith! I am so lucky to get to be a part of your journey! Thank you! Now go get that goal!

Susan Kokesh said...

Best wishes for a great WS100!

afuntanilla said...

best of luck to you!! have fun & run strong!

Steph said...


zagbag said...

Silver Buckle!!!
Can't wait for details....