Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sharing Austin

The past few days have been such a treat! The Running Event comes to Austin each year, and this year brought in some of my friends from California and the West Coast. We planned a small get together last night, and with an added phone call or two it turned into a small party!

John and Lisa of UltraRunning fame, Josh, who shared his birthday with us, Ian, my coach, and Devon were all planned attendees. Then Ian asked if Karl could come...of course. El Chile, one of my favorites, was kind enough to set up a big table in the back of the restaurant for us. Paul picked up John and Lisa and I loaded up the rest of the crowd.

Once one round of drinks were down, the conversation got lively! For those of you who don't know, Karl has just come off of his run 40 days and 2000 miles of the Pony Express route. Oh did he have tales to tell...runs, broken bones, crew fights, lots of support, golf games, and barley blood levels :) Well over three hours later, great food, conversation, laughs, and drinks we all got up with early departures or runs to come.

Then, this morning after getting in some quick work I picked up Devon at her hotel and we headed out for a run. I took her straight to the Hill of Life, our local Greenbelt. My goal of the run was to not have her turn an ankle. We had a great run and Flyer was all kinds of happy! From there we headed to Rogue, and then to the Snack Bar for the European Salad (hello beets!!), and finally a trip to Whole Foods.

More than just showing off all of the fun places of Austin on such a beautiful day, it was just incredible to spend a day with such a wonderful person. We shared so much great conversation, and I feel so fortunate that our paths have crossed a number of times, and will continue to cross in the coming months!

I love being able to share our town and my family with all of the wonderful people I have met over the years!

Next stop: Coldspring, TX to crew for Jamie! Paul, Flyer, and I will be manning the .6 mile loop for 24 hrs :)

What a group!


clea said...

Wow! A brush with fame! I like Devon's blog...didn't know you knew her. Hope to see you soon.

Speedgoat Karl said...

Next year we'll work on that "Barley level" a little more. :-) It was a pleasure.....

meredith said...

Karl - we will definitely help with that when you are back to Texas in February! Until then, enjoy the snow!!