Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Own Little World

I need to download pics from last weekend, and will next week. I am FINALLY over the crud...almost 10 days later...and so I was thrilled to be able to get out and enjoy a long run in this incredible weather.

Paul and I were talking the other day, and then as I ran today I kept listening to this great song, My Own Little World. The song talks about being absorbed in your own little world. We are all to blame for living like this, but what if you took a few precious moments in your busy day and extended a hand, call, or note to your family, friends, and loved ones? What kind of impact do we have when we reach out to those we love? It's kind of like the thought of getting out the door for a run. Everyone says that there are no regrets in getting a run done...same thing applies to getting out of your own little world, no regrets.

The songs' lyrics are meaningful: "I don't want to miss what matters. I wanna be reaching out. Show me the greater purpose so I can be living right now."

I get a consistant glimpse of this whenever I can be a good person to those around me. It's whenever I can take a moment, not for me, that I realize "my own little world is not just about me."

As ill as I was last weekend, it was the filled moments that were more meaningful than any race. It was seeing Paul have a great run. It was spending wonderful time with friends. It was making the most of the time I had, and the time I got to share with was realizing that there is a bigger picture.

I challenge you to take a step out of your own little world and see what you find :)


olga said...

It was neat to see you guys this morning!

meredith said...

Great to see you, too! Super dizzy from repeats :)

Slomohusky said...

Merry Christmas! enjoy reading your posts!

Pam said...

Meredith - Sorry I was so neurotic at the aid station. Let's just say I was a little caught up in the moment! My crew had the Mt. Dew at the next AS, which I assume was from you. Thanks for your generosity; it really was appreciated.

Pam said...
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