Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day Two...I better get more entertaining if I want to keep this up!

This morning was a fantastic day. Clea and I went for a run on the Greenbelt with our dogs. It was a great treat for us and them. The weather was perfect and the company was great.

I came home after and have been working all day. It's Sunday and beautiful outside, and I have spent the better part of the day in front of my computer. If I want to keep this up, I guess I better get a little more exciting??

This week should be a busy one, but I am going to try to play outside as much as possible. I am also going to try to buy a digital camera; that's right Clea, Michael, and Michelle I am no longer going to keep the disposable cameras in business. One of my reasons for buying the camera is so that I can post pictures when I don't have much to least I will have something on my blog :)

Have a Happy Week!!


clea said...

I love the blog!! Just wait until you get it is really fun. I need to do another photo shoot , so we will have to take our cameras out somewhere pretty. Maybe next weekend? I am doing 20 on Sat., so maybe Sunday. I'll be in touch....

a.k.a.Moogy said...

I sadly still use the disposable cameras and have not transferred anything to digital. Until recently I was still using a Polaroid. Took great pics though. Let me know what you find wrt a digital camera. I have NO idea what to look for. I want one of the fancy CSI cameras but don't think it would be too practical to bring on a run.
Love your blog name. 8)

meredith said...

I will let you know what I choose, and am excited to test out the new camera when I get it. I think I will make the big purchase on Wednesday!!