Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hill Repeats are FUN!!

Every week I have the slightest moment of dread as I depart from the house for my hill repeat workout. It is such a hard workout, and trying to accomplish long repeats in Austin is also quite the mental challenge. The longest "safe," meaning no traffic hill, is .6 of a mile. In order to make it worth my while I have to do 6-8 repeats...last year I got up to 10. I alternate weeks. Last week the focus was down, so I choose a steeper hill powerwalk up and sprint down. This week was up, so the task was to run slowly down and sprint up. For the up weeks I found a good hill that is .6 of a mile and challenging but not at such a steep grade I can't truly get a hard workout in.

Anyway, my window of opportunity to get it done was in the middle of the day. It was sunny and almost 80 degrees, with some fantastic wind 15-20 mph. I ran from my house to the base of the hill, and as I climbed the first set I realized that my uphills were going to be straight into the wind. At first I grumbled to myself, but then as each repeat went on it seemed to get a little better and I was able to put my head down and fight to the top. I ran 6 repeats, and then ran home...almost 9 miles. It was a great workout, and of course the dread that occurs at the beginning of the workout is left behind and a great sense of accomplishment takes over for getting it done!!

I also tried a new post workout recovery meal...Kashi Go Lean (1/2 cup), Whole Wheats O's (1/2 cup), blueberries, and soy milk...yum, yum!!

Have a great day!


clea said...

ok, hill repeats are NOT fun...I like to pick a really hilly route (stratford, balcones, etc), and get my "repeats" in that way. I think, high school ruined me for doing repeats. still....good for your western states....

a.k.a.Moogy said...

I'm w/ ya Mer. Love them too. I don't know what it is about them but I get such a greater feeling of accomplishment when I do them (the up that is). Beats the heck out of running on a helideck. Now...NOT fun...tempos. No way!

Erin said...

hey meredith - welcome to blog land. :)

i LOVE kashi go lean with soy milk and blueberries... yum!!!