Sunday, March 25, 2007

Recovery Week and Being a Supporter

This past week was a recovery/down week for me since I had completed two 50Ks back-to-back, and next week is another build-up. First and foremost, I love to run so a down week is not necessarily a fun week for me. It was a busy work week, but somehow I seemed to get a ton of activity/running in anyways.

I did do yoga this week quite a bit, which there is more time for when the running mileage is down. I ran easy a few days. I got in a great hill workout on Wednesday, 8 down repeats for 10 miles total: 1) because the weather was nice, and 2) because whether I like it or not WS is downhill and the more I do it the better the race will feel. I did a tempo run on the treadmill on Thursday because there just didn't seem to be any relief in the rain and I needed to get the workout in earlier rather than put it off. On Friday I dropped my husband's car off for work and Daisy and I ran home.

By time Saturday was rolling around, I was really starting to wonder if I had actually recovered this week at all. I was meeting Larry for a run, and had talked big about doing most of his mileage with him, but by time we headed out for the run I knew I needed to call it quits early. This was a RECOVERY week!! I didn't need the excess mileage on Saturday. So, I did a loop with him which was wonderful conversation and running, and headed to noon yoga to stretch. This seemed like the smarter way to end the week instead of logging just a few more miles.

Then today I had the treat of supporting my husband and some others as he did the Gonzo Duathlon in San Antonio. I was the driver, the photographer, and cheerleader...overall pro domestique. I got to head out on the run course and take some photos, run over to the bike course and took more, and then ran back onto the run course for some final photos of his race. Then after he finished, I ran back on the course and ran in with a new friend, Richelle, as she was having a great race; she got 2nd in her age group. Paul got 4th overall. Our friend, James, after 30hrs. of being on-call, got 2nd, although he was completely exhausted afterward. And, Jim, Paul's very close friend, was 1st Master's.

After the awards ceremony, in all of our playfulness, Paul posed for a photo in the Bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are our state flower, and in the springtime especially if it has been raining they are everywhere. It is an on-going tradition for Texans to pull off to the side of the road to take photos of family with the other states do this, I wonder?? Anyway, it was a great time, and I am so proud of Paul and friends for racing so well. It was bonus to be on a recovery week because I didn't feel like I needed to get a run in today and could just be a supporter, although somehow I managed 7 miles?? I think this helps the balance, and helps me to be proud of just what an amazing athlete my husband is.
By the way, I am so loving having my "new" camera. Thank you so much, Clea, for supporting me to take pics. I am loving it!! Enjoy the pictures from this weekend.

On a total side-note, Thursday night Daisy and I watched a National Geographic special on the Galapagos Islands. I had the incredible benefit of travelling there with my mother in 1993, and have such vivid memories of all of the Islands' wonders. This special brought all of those memories back. Daisy is so much fun to watch tv with because she actually watches. Below are some photos of her enjoying the special. She loves to watch any show with animals, but particularly enjoys birds!!

Have a great week!


Larry said...

The pic of Paul in the bluebonnets is priceless! I enjoyed getting to run with you last Saturday. Let's do it again, soon.

clea said...

glad you are getting so much use out of the camera. this weather sucks:( Looking forward to our run this weekend. We will have to get a couple of pictures for our blogs.

olga said...

Enjoy the slow-er week and get ready to pack it again!
Great pictures!