Friday, May 18, 2007

Ahhh...Getting Close!!

This has been a really great week as the time is starting to near for taper. Next week I head to California for my last big training days on the WS course, but this week was time to get some mileage in and recover from Miwok.

Last Saturday was The Rookie triathlon. It is kind of funny that it is named such because my husband and all of his Pro Triathlete friends go out to the race. So it makes things pretty interesting...some people who have never attempted a triathlon and some pros...what a mix. A cool thing about the race is that our governor, Rick Perry, does it every year. I don't care what your political affiliation is, it is pretty cool to have such a personable, athletic, involved in the athletic community governor. Here are pictures of Paul and I with him. Over the past year, Paul and I have seen and talked to him a number of times and every time we see him he remembers our names and gives us VERY warm feels very cool.

Anyway, Paul had a great race, of course, and so did some of my beginner athletes. They had great races, and it was fun to cheer them on. So I could get my run in, during the race I ran out and back on the bike course, so that I could get my run in and cheer as the riders came by. It was a fun way to spend my time there. Although, one of the race directors and I decided that at the next one I will carry spare tubes and and gear to help with flats on the course....and be able to call the SAG if needed.

After the race, we headed to a baby shower and then got together with some of Paul's Army buddies for dinner. One stayed over and headed out for a run with us Sunday morning. It was a good run and good company.

I had a very busy week with work and training, but got it all in. We are heading to Tulsa this afternoon and I wanted to get my long run in before heading out. My plan was for 30 this morning, clean-up and get ready for the trip. I have been very fortunate through this training that my friend, Stephanie, has been able to join me for runs on Friday mornings. We have been covering anywhere from 7-10 in the morning and then get on with our day. It has been a real treat because it has brought us closer together, and at the same time it has been really good training. I have really enjoyed her positive energy.

Our plan this morning was to hit a road loop, one that offers 3200ft of elevation change (a good amount for Austin), and then hit the trails. The plan changed once we started running and neither one of our stomachs were thrilled about it. I was all about getting the run done, so I suggested that we do an out and back on the road to cover more hilly mileage and to avoid seeing our cars before we hit 20 miles. She was game. Even though we didn't feel great, we actually ran really strong. I kept having to slow us down because every time we started chatting away we would be hitting sub-8min/miles...we were not great influences for an easy pace. We headed back to the trail, with almost 20 miles under our belt. We put on our trail shoes and headed down the hill for our final segment. Unfortunately, because of all of the rain we decided not to try to cross the just wasn't worth it. So, we ended up just covering about 7 miles on the flat sections along the creek. We added some on our way up the hill, and in total covered 27.65 (I had my garmin on). I consider the run a HUGE success because between miles 1 and about 11 we didn't think we would make it, and we totally hung in there and ended up feeling strong, yet a little fatigued in the end. It was a great mental toughness run!!

I am so glad I got it done because there will be very little running this weekend, sad to say. Not too bad to get in 70 miles this week!! I am so happy to be healthy, have my legs feeling good, feel mentally intact (I am scared to say mentally strong because I know I won't truly be tested until June 23rd), and feel the power of the love and support of Paul, my friends, and my family!
Just a side note to the week, I had a HUGE scare yesterday when I thought I had lost my prized digital camera. I had left it behind at my favorite restaurant, Mandolas Italian Market, and in some unbelievable luck they had held on to it and put it the safe. I high-tailed my rear over there yesterday evening to pick it up. Biggest buzz-kill in the world: heading to your favorite restaurant that has the best sorbet in the WORLD and realizing as you are almost there that you left your wallet at home!!! I was almost in tears as I came to the realization when I was on the phone with Clea last night. I did, though, take a taste of most of the sorbet flavors as the owner was getting my camera out of the safe :) :) I will take a pic of the yum, yum this week and post it for all to see!

Have a wonderful weekend: travel safe if you are heading somewhere; have a great run if you are racing or training; and enjoy this wonderful weather.