Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Off I go!

I am off to the ultra-running mecca tomorrow and to spend time with new friends and old. Why new: because spending 12+ hours with someone on the trail will form a bond...and old: I will take the memories of my time on this trail with a very special friend with me as I journey through my last few long days of training. We had a great time out there, and I look forward to the memories helping me float along.

I have such fond memories of seeing some of these miles in the dark as a pacer, on a wonderful training run last year, and the struggles I faced during WS last year. I will take all of this with me and form my markers for raceday. I will let it all soak in. I will release some of what I held on to at this time last year and I will let the glory of it all be a wonderful finale to my long hard training.

The work is almost done. I have taken care of my body, mind, and spirit now I just have to give it two weeks of a final push. This is when it is hard...you want to taper, you are ready to back off the mileage, but there is still some strong work to do. I accept the challenge placed in front of me and will embrace the pain that is to come!!

Before I depart, I must make a mention that I could not possibly have done this last training week without the support of my friend, Julie. She, too, is training for WS but arranged for a place for me to stay, made all of the plans for our longest run, and even made sure there were people that were well matched at my pace to run with me. She did the same last year and has totally become part of the reason I love it out there. The bond, the family, she has created for me is unbelievable. She makes me a part of her family for a week, and her friends have taken me in as their own. It is truly priceless! Did I mention that I do cook healthy meals for her and her brother while I am out there...I have to try to do something, right?

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to sharing more if I get a chance and definitely when I return!!


Erin said...

have fun! good luck! (and thanks for hanging out with me yesterday morning! :))

Glenda said...

Have a great race, and have fun!