Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My friend David, or Dave, (still not sure which he prefers...I think his wife calls him Dave?) and I were having an interesting conversation during our run yesterday. We were discussing what people write in their blogs, titles, and why write. He had recently stumbled upon a guy who seemed suicidal in his, and we wondered what do you do with that information. Really there is nothing to do...

Then we talked about we have seen some people almost tranform their personality in their blog...to almost use it as a forum to pat themselves on the back or talk about how great they are. We thought that those are pretty funny because the self-absorption begins with the title.

What I have decided is my favorite type of blog is one that just gives me a brief glimpse to my friends' lives and what they are thinking. It helps me know when someone is having a good or bad day and so often I follow-up the read with an email to them to check and make sure all is ok. I love to read the light-hearted moments in their lives; it keeps me close to them even when I don't hear from them regularly. It has actually brought me closer to people I may never have been, but in their blog I see a side of them I am very fond of and want to share.

On a side note to this I have to say that nothing quite beats the emails or time I share with all of my friends...especially those that don't keep blogs.

Now, unlike David/Dave, I am not going to start blog-hopping...I just am not that interested I must say. But, I will continue to read on and glimpse in...the funny, the happy, the busy, and even the self-absorbed. Isn't that why we write??


David said...

Meredith, I was just hopping across your blog and just wanted you to know that you can call me Dave...but only you. :)

clea said...

I really like all my friends' blogs too. It is really a fun way to have an interactive photo album of sorts. I just hope I always have something kinda interesting to write about.

olga said...

Interesting topic for the future run with Dave(id) would be to discuss how many (most?) start blogging for one reason, skip to another, get sucked in for third, hop around for many more, and then transform for something absolutely different from where they begun.
Blog-hopping takes time too. Although in moments of despare it helps to forget own problems:)

Larry said...

All right. I'll admit it. I've been VERY self-absorbed lately. Really don't know why. Well, actually I do. It really has nothing to do with running. We'll, actually, in a round about way it does. Regardless, life will eventually come around and smack me upside my head and I'll wake up! ;) Great post Mer!

Panther said...

I'm so self-absorbed that I don't even read blogs.