Saturday, August 4, 2007

Happy Days!

This week has been just fantastic!

- The sun is finally shining and summer is in full force! I am in my glory in the heat. I wait all winter for the sun to shine and the weather to be just downright hot!! It makes everything you do a little tougher, and you feel so much better when you accomplish it strong.

- I have been sharing my runs with my closest of friends, which is such a treat. Luisa and I have finally nailed down our training schedule and hit the track on Wednesdays and do a hilly long run on Fridays. On Wednesday mornings we meet at the track with our dogs in tow. They get to enjoy the wonders of freedom and friendship, while we explore our speed and pain threshold. Scotch and Daisy get so excited to see one another, and Nick just wants to play. I will take pictures of them this coming Wednesday to post. For the Friday runs I have to admit that Stephanie and I started these runs a few months back in her wonderful support of my WS training. But now they have taken a different turn. I pick a good solid hilly run and off we go. Steph climbs like a champ, and they let me set a slightly too aggressive pace. All along we laugh, we visit, and we suffer just a little. We are going to try to continue these every week, which really excites me!!

- Today Luisa and I met up with Clea for the last 8 of her 15-miler. I was feeling quite good, but Luisa was feeling yesterday's run. Clea was being positively neutral in the pace. It was fun, not only to spend time with the two of them, but also to have the two of them get to know eachother better. I think it is such a gift when friends from different circles can come together and enjoy eachother's company!! I think that Steph and Luisa are going to run without me next week when I am out of town, and that just thrills me!

- On the other side of my life, Paul and I got to have dinner together on Thursday night. This is the first evening we had a chance to sit down together in over a week. Between school, work, and sleep imbetween we just have not seen eachother. It was wonderful to talk and catch-up in person. We needed it, and honestly I was really missing him. Soon enough we will see a break, and have more time with eachother. It will be very nice!

Again, all and all a fantastic week! I look forward to many more to come :)

Side Note to my last post: Olga makes a wonderful point. I think we all start blogs, keeping journals, writing down thoughts with an initial intent. Oftentimes, that does change, evolve, mold into something else..maybe wonderfully unexpected and even not as intended. At the end of the day, it is our own evolution. By putting it out there, we risk judgement....I guess that is not what I am here to do, so maybe I have mistakenly read too closely. I will work to read with the intent to enjoy others accomplishments and happiness in them, share what my friends want to say, and learn from what is written.


clea said...

It was fun this am. sometimes it is nice just to have a run, and not call it training. we'll do it again soon.

olga said...

By putting it out there we risk judgment...oh, you nailed it here. Been judged so many times, the blog evolves around: have a personal journal for yourself and friends, don't put too much personal, then - get to inspire other as expected, and then - obliged to put training for newbies, but eventually - write or don't at your own will.

It is so interesting how different people (runners) are. I really despise heat, yet I'd like to challenge myself with Badwater (I despise roads too). You love the heat and do well there. You go, girl!
Life is so busy, indeed often we don't spend enough time with those we'd like to. Glad you found an evening window to sit down with Paul:)