Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good Times!

We have what I hope will stay as a new addition to our family: Flyer. He is an almost two-year-old Pointer Champion who is being given up because his legs are too long...he is too tall to continue on with his show life. He is beautiful and a very good dog. Daisy seems to like her new friend!!
We have gotten to experience a ton of firsts with him since he has only been a show dog. His first: stuffed animals, I spend my afternoons collecting them; a 7-mile run on the Greenbelt; morning runs on the Golf Course; nights not in a crate but in his bed by ours; and lots and lots of deer...we still need to work on him not chasing them. He is so fast that before we can blink he is 1/2 mile from the house. He has also gotten to meet so many of my friends, and even went over to meet Scotch and Nick before our track endeavor with him in the morning...that will be it's own story I am sure.

Paul is back to what he loves to do, run. He did his first running race since the trail series. Here is how good he looks running fast. I am so excited to watch him race this season! It keeps him so happy!

It's gotten cold outside : ( I will now be cold, fingers and toes blue and goose-bumps all the time, until Spring crests it's happy head. Probably back to Bikram; I LOVE the hot room for 90 minutes...and the yoga isn't bad.

Have a great week and watch out for the lady with the two charging dogs! mer

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MikeW said...

He looks like a great dog!
: )