Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's time to get back!

John P said first thing this morning when I showed up to Rogue for my first run with the crew in quite sometime, "What happened to Sunshine Makes me Happy? I miss the blog posts." Well, John, I must say that you made my morning :) It is with your nudge that I come out of the thought process and back!

Then I opened my blog page and saw a note from Kelly. Kelly - miss you too, and it is time for me to get back on it. I hope to see you so soon and am thrilled to know that you are healthy and back running.

Journeys, life, trails...all have many options and many final destinations. Sometimes we take the right path, sometimes we take what we think is the right path, and sometimes we downright take the wrong one. The gift that God has blessed me with is that no matter what path I head down: the love, compassion, and non-judged support I have from everyone in my world can return me to my core.

I am so very grateful for all the gifts in my life. I am speechless by the love and support that holds me up, and reminds me of the person I truly am. I am in awe of my husband who can sit at a table and listen to me with levels of compassion that are greater than that of a Saint. I will never be able to truly verbalize how fortunate I am to be married to such a good good man. (But, let's be honest in that EVERYONE who has ever met him already knows that about him) When there is so much love at the core of two people for eachother, I now truly believe, you can conquer ANYTHING that comes your way.

As with each race I run, these past few months of life have also taught me lessons that I will not soon forget...Fortunately, my "team" remains stronger than ever and intact, and we can move forward together, forever changed...

Thanks to each of you for your patience for my return! I'll be sure to make each post worth the wait :)



john said...

Ah...another great post. That satiated my appetite for some sunshine. But will I have to wait another 3 months for some more sunshine?

meredith said...

no! I promise I am back, and better than before :)

a.k.a.Moogy said...


Leah said...

I've been missing your blogs, too. Glad to read you again!! xoxox