Friday, November 27, 2009

Loving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day had an early start - Davenport Death Run 16 miles: Mel and Mike, Paul and I, Luisa, Tom, and William. It was an incredible route, and I look forward to challenging myself with it again. Then it was off to finish prep!

There is no better way to show your thanks than to create a lovely meal. And, that is just what I did!
On the Menu:
- Herb Roasted Turkey Breast (made two bone-in breasts vs. whole turkeys to avoid being stuck with dark meat)
- Sweet Potatoes with unsweetened dried cranberries and infused with orange juice
- Roasted Beets in reduced balsamic vinegar
- steamed string beans
- Rosemary Sage Stuffing
- Cranberry Relish with mandarin oranges
- Spinach salad with pears and fall vegetables
- And for my non-turkey eaters Grilled Salmon seasoned with herbs de Provence and grilled lemons

For Dessert:
- Cakeballs
- Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cinnamon Buttercream and sprinkled with cinnamon
- Pumpkin Pie
- 1 single Vegan Brownie for my father's birthday :)

Sharing this special meal with family and friends made me truly thankful for all the gifts in my life. This year has been filled with just so much, and this was an incredible moment to take to show my true appreciation for all the gifts I am given.

And if the above wasn't enough, there is no better way to complete the evening than to take the bones and from the turkey breast and create a turkey and vegetable soup. So not only are we left with incredibly healthy leftovers, but the treat of warm soup for weeks to come! As with all the meals and foods I create, there is nothing more special than sharing the if you want a container of soup, just let me know! (I have it in the freezer! Next week looks like it is going to be a PERFECT soup week in Texas).

Ahhh, to melt into the couch with Paul and the UT game (hook'em) after such a wonderful day and hard work. All was sooo worth it!

Have a blessed holiday weekend!


KP said...

so glad you are back!

RunSueRun said...

hi mer, i'm glad you're back too!! love your blog. and very happy to see that you've signed up for C2M again. yay!!