Friday, December 18, 2009

Just another Friday...

I have another post that is coming with some catching up to do, but I thought this would be a fun one to quickly put up.

Today was just another typical Friday:
- catch up on emails
- see clients
- run in the INCREDIBLE weather
- visit with my neighborhood friend (major time suck, but oh such meaningful moments to give)
- deliver cakeballs and vegan bars (one of my new favorite pasttimes, as this delivery always brings a smile to everyone's face)
- take Flyer to the vet
- leave in the middle of the appointment
- head to the movie set
- photo op with my client
- nice visit with my client
- great dinner with husband
- prep for run for tomorrow

Oh, yeah, here is the pic



Sunshine Girl said...

Hi Mer!

Howdy from Leslie and Keith! You're married to Adrienne Brody?Who knew? :)

Hope you've enjoyed a great fall and are running up a storm. We'll be coming for Coyote Two Moon this year, so we shall see you then!

meredith said...

Oh, no! He is not my husband...just one of my successful clients :)

I hope y'all (the y'all was for Keith) are doing great and staying warm!!

See you soon!