Tuesday, March 9, 2010

80 degrees!!!

Not much else to say, except AMEN spring is here! It was 80 degrees today, and I celebrated with with a 10 mile hill workout!

I enjoyed seeing all my hill "friends." The mail man, the UPS delivery guy, the workers that have been building the house on the corner for over a year, and my very favorite...the old man that lives two houses down from the corner of the top of my climb. He came out and greeted me and then came to "see if I wanted cold water" about 1 hour in.

In Austin we don't have hills long enough on the trails, so road repeats it is. The hotter the better :) I have been doing this workout for a few years now, and have come to know the workers who get their jobs done while I run up and down, and up and down, and up and down. I have come to appreciate seeing them and am very grateful for their waves, smiles, and friendly words. (For those of you who have beautiful trail repeats to run...be grateful!!)

I did this workout over the winter, but TODAY was just the way I like it....bright sunshine, friendly faces, and great running.

Welcome Springtime!! Afterall, sunshine does make me oh so happy!

Gotta love days that start at 5AM, so that you can get a workout in, a solid workday, and hill repeats...yippee.


Eudemus said...

Awesome! Still waiting for the warmth over here on the west coast. The sun has made its debut, but it stayed in the low 50s at best yesterday. Soon, though...soon.

meredith said...

Hopefully in time for Lake Sonoma :)

Yes, but you are tougher than I am...you don't mind running in the muck!

I must say, we picked the right year to skip C2M!

Slomohusky said...

Your posting reminded my why I miss the Midwest and Texas. Great people there.

meredith said...

Completely Agree! Only here would people remember you and be oh so friendly year after year...no matter how crazy they probably think I am!

olga said...

Funny, because yesterday both Stephen (my son) and I said - Gawd, summer is here, it's getting hot and humid already! I would have to say, I am dreading running once the temps settle high, and he didn't even enjoy skateboarding much last night. Oh, well...on to an 8 months summer...have fun!

meredith said...

Oh, you and I are more than due for a spring/summer run together! By the first heat wave I will have you loving and embracing it! I have waited months and months for the heat to return!!!!

80 wonderful degrees is just the beginning :)

clea said...

I just hope you weren't wearing your tire :)

I too am glad spring is here. I am about to head out for a stroller walk....