Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nighttime Bonding and Weather Avoidance

So much for sunshine and least for the next two days.

But, I am more resourceful and determined than any weather system. AND, I have a wonderfully supportive husband!!

As Paul was driving home from Dallas yesterday afternoon, I had a lightbulb shine in my head: Saturday forecast 40s and rain; Friday night forecast...clear and 68. I called with my clever idea, "Honey, what are you doing tonight? Wanna go for a trail run?? :)" Without question, he was game. 10PM start for a couple of hours on the trail!!

What an incredible way to spend a Friday night! Paul and I on the trail, chatting away, catching up, and running together. What a gift to get to share that time together!!! I know that running my pace is a total throw away for him, but he never complained or made me feel like my 8:20-9 min pace was too slow.

A few lessons on my impromptu decision for a night run. Make sure you have fresh batteries in your lights!! My lights were next to useless, and we basically relied on one handheld between us. Headlamps can be irritating. Obviously, I have some work to do with my lighting system. Always be flexible with plans because last minute changes and scheduling can make for the best memory!

This morning it was gym time to stay warm and dry. 10 miles of uphill climbing (forever grateful to Shan for this workout), weights, and squats!! Going to the gym is definitely not the first place I want to be for a workout, but I do enjoying seeing people I otherwise wouldn't (I chatted with one of my clients for 20 min of my climb workout and I got to scare the heck out of John P)....great start to a rainy morning, and I was excited to be neither tired nor sore from the night run.

I am just hoping that this is our LAST spell of over it. But, if the rain falls and if the weather is not ideal this weekend has taught me that I can still get in wonderful workouts, quality time with the husband, and make the most of what's around and available...

No Excuses, Do the Work!


brownie said...

I love it when Texans complain about the cold! Now go eat some sugar...

meredith said...

I have NEVER liked the cold. In fact I have kept it at 80+ in the house through the winter. But, I balance it out by not running the air conditioner in the summer :)

Not a fat chance on the sugar!! One of these days VERY soon you are going to cave.

olga said...

No AC in the summer? Here? OMG...but that was a smart idea on night running. I had to opt for TM on Saturday.

sea legs girl said...

Cool idea for a date! Thanks for the email today. Sorry to see that Hells Hills didn't make you race schedule. But I am really looking forward to hearing about Trans Rockies and Western States.

meredith said...

Olga - no AC, no joke! The only time Paul gets worried is when I drive with no AC and the windows up in the midday heat.

Tracy - I will be volunteering at Hells Hills, so I hope to meet you there! Thank you so much, again! You were such a huge help ;)

And, yes, there was no better way to spend a Friday night!

brownie said...

If you were truly HFC you would jack up the heat in the Austin summer for some Western training!

meredith said...

No heater, but I get in the sauna!