Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunshine and Springtime!

It's finally was in the upper 60's with the sun shining!!

Flyer joined me for my workout and he has been sleeping ever since. Apparently my 10 miles with speed on the Powerline was more than enough for him. I can't wait for a social 12 tomorrow, 26 hills and trail on Saturday, and then hills with Liza on Sunday. What a great start to the warmth of springtime! I must still be on winter time, though, because I did my workout in long sleeves. Layers to officially shed when the temp reads 70+!

Now the soil just needs a few more days for me to be able to plant my veggies and herbs. One true test of patience is the waiting for gardens to bloom. Timing and effort has to be just right. Hopefully I can nail it this year. I so enjoyed my long lasting crop of tomatoes last year (thanks Mike).

And, to top off this great weather, Paul is coming home early...yippee!! Now, of course, I will never know if he is actually coming home early to see me or to Bomb Run and have Cowboy Breakfast??? I guess he can go play on a Friday if I can spend the morning with the G's and lunch with Pinky's :)
Happy Early Spring!!


clea said...

that is a great picture!

not a praying mantis said...

Of course i'll be providing plenty of baby tomato plants when they're ready for transport!
By the way, there's still one more freeze to come. Don't be the sucker that went out and bought stuff till late late march, if not first week of may.
that one last freeze never fails to come!

not a praying mantis said...

I meant April, not May!!

meredith said...

I knew what you meant! Yeah, the past few years right around Easter there seems to be a sneaky cold spell...

I am actually going to plant some starters this weekend inside!! I figure since I keep the house 80 degrees all will be good :)

not a praying mantis said...

Good idea since basil and especially thyme take for ever to sprout and get their "growth on"!!

meredith said...

You can let me know tomorrow if you want me to get some basil seedlings started for you! (I have 3 packets)