Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to "Normal"

I am not exactly sure what "normal" really is, but in my life we are getting back. Back to routine; back to solid work schedule; back to life. Daisy is really starting to feel great. She is getting around like a champ in her cast; this week it is hot pink with blue hearts. The surgeon has decided to keep some type of cast on her for 7 more weeks because she is sooo mobile. She wants to protect the bone while it heals without risking a break, which would be a disaster. So it is time to let Daisy wander and function with her cast on...which she is doing great at.

Paul was at his MBA intensive this past week. It was an incredible week with the highlight having his team win the Capstone Competition. I don't want to bore you with the "race report" of sorts I wrote, so here is the highlight...the competition was on Wednesday:
There was a moment a few years ago when we looked over the acceptances and debated is a UT MBA the direction we should go? I say we so very loosely because this journey has been all Paul's with just some sacrifices sprinkled in. Last night I clearly got to see that it was all worth it.
Many of you don't know that my husband is SO much more than an athlete. He is dedicated, and when he sets his mind to something he has the focus of a laser beam. It is with this focus he has been pursuing his MBA. And it is with this focus, his team won the Capstone Competition last night.
They stood up on the stage...Greg went first. One of Paul's classmates whispered to me that Greg might be a bit loud. But it was not the case. With incredible calm, he led the charge from behind the podium. (Good choice number 2...the other groups passed around the mic.) He stated the case, and defended the case. Then it was Paul. I can honestly say it was one of the proudest moments I have ever had. He spoke with such passion and was one fire. There was no beating him down. At one point I whispered over, "is he running for president?" It was just this incredible moment of all of his hard work through the program coming together. Everything he had studied for, all of the respect he has for the professors he was presenting to, all of the passion and work his team had put in. It was all coming together at that moment. Don't get me wrong, the hammering was there and it was tough...but they were ready for it, and they answered it. Then it was over...ahhhh; time for a beer.
We went down to the reception to wait for the judges to make their decision. It was fun to chat with his classmate and just be happy for the accomplishment of the program almost coming to an end. Soon enough the panel and Trent came to announce the winners. 3rd place was a tie, and then they announced the case you didn't know where this was going...Paul's team!!

WOW, what a great finale. I got some great pictures (I will have them soon) of one of his professor's talking to them after the win. All the pride in their faces was incredible. They had worked so hard, and the feedback was so much to take in. I hope Paul was able to absorb it all. For over 30 minutes after, they were the MBA kings and queen. They held center stage in questions about their strategy, and just how they accomplished something so huge.

I didn't get the magnitude of it all until I was part of it last night. Sitting on a plane with Crystal two weeks ago, we talked about it as her team had won it her year, but I didn't quite get it.

This is a big deal. This degree, this program, all of Paul's hard is HUGE and I am very proud!
With me seeing some normalcy returning to our world, I decided to make my fall/winter race plans. The first is to be Firetrails 50 in October. I am excited to have some kind of plan in place, as I work sooo much better with a schedule, races, and a plan. It gives me focus, helps me with my life time management, and as Paul continues to insist...I am much more pleasant to be around when I am running.
In case I haven't said it enough, I am truly grateful for all of the love and support that I have been given over the past few weeks. I cannot express how it has held me together, and helped me move on. I am stronger for it!! We have a moment where we can let life's challenges break us down or build us up. This one has built me up, made me appreciate my family and friends that much more, and enjoy each day I can get out and run with a new appreciation!

Have a wonderful week!


crabby said...

Congratulations to Paul! Woot!

And how wonderful that Daisy is recovering like the champ she heart sang reading your post today about how well she is doing. Yay for you Mer for being you and being a great wife and doggie mom.

Thanks for letting me lurk on your blog and share some of your joys and sorrows!

Your friend,
Cathy Bridge

Shorey said...

Had I not seen (and heard) the cast on the floors, I would have not known she had just had surgery! Daisy's so resilient! And congrats to Paul - that is, indeed, a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Glad Daisy is doing well and send a huge congrats to Paul from Katie and me! See ya soon!

kirsten said...

Glad Daisy is doing so is very stressful dealing with a sick/hurt pet when they can't tell you what's wrong. You are a great doggie mom!