Sunday, August 3, 2008

Volunteering Funness

Jack and Adam's and the guys do so much for Paul and I that I really like to give back to them! This go around was at Jack's Generic Tri this morning. I have a few random skills up my sleeves and one is that I am a fairly decent bike tire changer. That votes me in for the job of SAG/course bike tire changer. OK, I vote myself for the's really fun to be out on the bike course.

Paul wasn't racing, so I was on my own...until last night. Melissa agreed to come with me!!! I was so excited. JT - that's right, she has traded mountain climbing for tire changing at a triathlon!

We arrived at the race, said hello to many folks, and got our stuff ready to go: a bucket of tubes, levers, and a bump! The idea is to wait for a pile of people to get on the course and then head out so that if they get a flat or need help, we can be there.

Melissa and I have so much fun creating games of the funny things people do/things we see, particularly during triathlons. Here are some of the highlights:
- 1 VERY Hairy guy in old school short khaki shorts to RACE in (did I mention that they were SHORT)
- 1 VERY old speedo (hint: when they are old you can see through them...yikes)
- 1 Helmet on joke
- 1 Guy who didn't really want to buckle his helmet (no, REALLY, buckle it BEFORE you get on your bike!)
- Many first-timers with bottles that needed to be unscrewed as they were riding. A mid-ride realization that forced a stop on the bike course...poor things.
- 2 Guys that had flats and were awaiting our arrival. They approached the car acting like they were done for the day. Unfortunately for them, they had NO idea who they were approaching. My response, "no you're not. I am going to change your flats and you are going to finish." At that, both tires got changed and they BOTH finished. Joshua got his first flat at his first tri and finished with a smile on his face!! We got to the finish line to see him finish!
- 1 VERY GRUMPY REDNECK who yelled at Melissa and I for about 10 minutes on the road, telling us that "what we are doing out here is dangerous and illegal and that he is going to the Commissioner on this." I was very courteous and polite, but all we could think was that maybe if he got himself doing some exercise he might not think this "weekend business" was so dangerous.

Needless to say, spending the morning with Melissa volunteering was the best!

The guys put on a first class event with plenty of fluids AND ice (40lb ice bags are freaking heavy), great fun, and good hard tapering work!

Have a great Sunday!


a.k.a.Moogy said...

too funny...especially about the helmet.

brownie said...

Wow, didn't take Melissa long to sell her soul!

meredith said...

I soul sold for: good company, a latte, and lots of laughs...

Ken said...

I wonder if the white Speedo I picked up at Goodwill is too old?