Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What do you WANT??

First of all I feel like I am blogging so much lately...maybe it's taper madness (yes, Jamie, I am going CRAZY)!

I have a fairly standard conversation with my clients in regards to making good choices when eating out. The first thing I tell them to think about is, "What do you want?" If you want the burger, get a side salad, if you want the fries, don't get the burger...etc. It's all about starting with one choice and then making good choices around that. If you start with what you are really wanting and craving, and then satisfy that, even in a small way, the good choices come easier. It is also easier to stay on track when you don't feel totally deprived or restricted. That is no way to create a healthy lifestyle. It is not practical and it is not long term!

As I was with a client today, and we were really taking this further into her journey of a struggle with workout burnout, I continued to push the question, "what do you want?"

During this discussion, we kind of moved on into the thought that finding what you want or even searching for what you want might lead to incredible balance.

I have friends who want BIG things right now: whether to run more miles than the ever have, to finish a race in a certain goal, or to just finish a race. I have a husband who is striving toward a successful completion of his MBA, an Ironman, travelling for work, and being a good husband. Even I fit in here: to be a good wife; to be a good friend; to be healthy; to race well; to have a great business; and to find balance.

Maybe it's selfish to take a look at what you want? But, if you want for something/anything and get it or continue to strive for it...doesn't it just push you to become a little more complete, whole, or well balanced?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but can guarantee that running over the weekend will hopefully bring me closer...

In the meantime, think about what you want...don't add or complicate it (again, if you want the burger skip the fries), don't lessen it's value, and when you get there savor and appreciate the journey and the result.



Ken said...

Good Post. Makes me think. Thanks.

brownie said...

I want someone to invent a bacon cheeseburger filled hot dog!

meredith said...

OK, forget my last post...All I was is a cupcake from Wiley's blog.