Friday, August 22, 2008

Watching Over...

I made the decision Wednesday; Daisy is having surgery. She did her final track workout, watch a squirrel with her buddies, and was sooo happy.

Thursday morning she headed in for her big day: removal of the tumor, affected soft tissue, and the parts of the ulna that had cancer. Initial thought was the only a small part of her ulna would need to be removed. Reality: a larger part of the bone had cancer than expected. The result: a bionic dog. Actually, they did all the removal and then inserted a screw in to stabilize the ligaments and top part of the ulna to the radius. (I almost feel like an expert in limb-sparing procedures)

Apparently Thursday night was a little rough, Daisy cried in what they thought was pain so they upped her pain meds. I came by this morning to a very sad dog; did I make the wrong choice I thought? She was wimpering a little and just looked sad. I left her hoping to return this afternoon to bring her home.

This Afternoon was a WHOLE new story!! Once they took Daisy off the pain med drip, she sat up and stood up. She even walked to the room when I arrived, with the help of her new harness friend (I have one to walk her with). They said that after the IV pain med wore off, she was a new girl.

I got her home and Paul unloaded her from the car. I had made a bed for her out of a Target comforter and towels so that they could be washed regularly. (and not worry about any damage) We get her in her new bed, and let Flyer out to see his sister. Well in a wonderful scene, he decided his new home should be right next to her...watching over her!

Now it's time for love and recovery. The drainage tube comes out on Monday, and then the healing begins. No chemo, no more surgeries, just whatever time I have left of my wonderful girl!

By the way, if you are out and about and in the neighborhood...she would love visitors tomorrow afternoon or Sunday. Just call or email me and let me know you are coming :)

Thank you so much for your support and prayers; they are working in the the most wonderful ways!


a.k.a.Moogy said...

Sending my love and warm wishes to Daisy from the other side of the globe. Hug her for me!

Shorey said...

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND THE FAMILY!!!! That's really great news. Take care.

kelly said...

Daisy is so lucky to have you as her Momma. Good luck with her and her recovery. Take care of yourself, too, Mer.

crabby said...

Oh my, I had no idea what you'd decided so reading this thrilled me to no end. She's a lucky girl to have you, Paul and Flyer!
Without making this about my dogs let me just say, Jelly Roll has had two knee operations and I remember using those slings to help her get around.
So happy for all of you, please hug that pup for me.
Cathy Bridge

crabby said...
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Jamie Donaldson said...

We are thinking of you, Daisy, Paul, and Flyer! Wishing her a speedy recovery!

John Austin Reynolds said...

congratulations on a successful surgery! I know she will make a quick recovery.